Wood Floor Maintenance Bath

All wooden floors require some degree of maintenance.

Day to day cleaning should be done with a soft brush or vacum cleaner to remove dust, dirt and grit. Any spills should be wiped up as soon as possible.
Floors with a lacquered finish may be damaged by water, we recommend that the floor is only ever damp cleaned, never washed. Application of a suitable polish / refresher product will help to protect the surface of the timber. Call into one of our shops in Bath and Bristol for advice.
Always make sure the product is compatable with your floor.
Floors with an oiled surface require different treatment. There are a number of finishes used including oxidising oil, UV cured oil and hardwax oil.
Most oiled floors can be cleaned occasionally (say once a month in domestic locations) using wood floor soap, this cleans the floor and leavs a protective film of soap behind.
Less frequently (say once per year) the floor normally needs to be re-oiled. Make sure you use the correct maintenance product for your floor finish, which may be in the form of a liquid paste wax for pre waxed and hardwax oil finishes, maintenance oil for oxidising oil finishes or maintenance paste for UV cured oil finishes. If a build up of maintenance product occours over the years most manufacturers also supply a floor stripper, to remove the build up. The floor should then be re-oiled.
Occasionally (say once every 10 years) your wooden floor should be lightly sanded and refinished.
We stock a range of products to maintain the beauty of your wood floor.

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